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Welcome to SURI

We are the worlds modern, classy, and chic online store that modernizes and elevates Jewish tradition.

My name is Suri & I was born in Israel to an American mother and an Israeli father.
Ever since I can remember, fashion and design have always been a part of my life. I studied fashion and business and eventually became a personal shopper.
I had always pictured coming home to my own place that is decorated with Jewish ceremonial objects. I love celebrating the holidays, especially Shabbat, but I’ve never found the right modern piece of art. I realized there’s a lack of companies that carry stylish & modern Jewish items.  
SURI aims to modernize and elevate tradition by creating a Jewish art marketplace that will showcase the most fashionable, modern, up-to-date, and even vintage items with which we are proud to dress our home. 
We are passionate about this mission because there’s a widening gap between young people and the Jewish tradition. We thrive on closing this gap by making traditional aspects more attractive, desirable, and approachable to the young new generation. 
We live in a world that keeps advancing rapidly, and we have to be innovators to keep up. Thus, the only way to protect our culture, the entire Jewish community, is by keeping the young generation with us to continue our legacy.
As a Jewish woman with a strong desire for fashion, it’s been a dream to design modern Jewish art and exclusive design collections.

Since we carry products from all price ranges, you will definitely find something at SURI from everyday must-haves, to special gifts, to one-of-a-kind and unique pieces of art.
 The SURI team also understands the importance of making your shopping experience top-notch, so we made our website and your browsing experience fun, hassle-free, and intuitive. In addition, our associates are readily available if you have questions about our products and the services we provide. As a result, the SURI marketplace has made everything convenient, fast, and seamless, from browsing our catalog to ordering & payment, to receiving your product.
Being a part of the SURI community means appreciating the modern and beautiful aspects of Jewish houseware, while protecting the Jewish culture. Check out what we have in store for you by browsing our product catalog.
Join us to start something new for our kids, friends, parents, and family. 
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