How to prepare for Pesach in 2024

Pesach or Passover is one of the biggest Jewish holidays and as such often times there are a lot of preparations that need to take place for your home to be ready.
Preparing for Pesach is all about creating the right space in your home for this celebratory time and the best way to do that is by taking the following 10 steps and implementing them in your preparation practices.


Before you can celebrate Passover, you’ll need to ensure that your home is clean and that leavened products, chametz, are discarded. This is a great opportunity to deep clean all of those areas in your home that usually go ignored or are simply not cleaned as often.

If you want to you can pair your Passover cleaning with your spring-cleaning activities and bring out all of your summer and spring clothing, as well as change the décor in your home.

Go shopping

Chances are there will be specialist foods that you will need for Passover that you don’t just have available in your home.

From kosher foods to special cereals and cakes this is a great time to pre-purchase everything. By having everything ready to go in your home you will be able to cook everything you want in time and then spend the rest of the holidays with your family.


Before you can go ahead with Passover you will need to follow the traditions of the Shabbat before the Passover.

Celebrating this important day will help you feel more prepared for Passover.

Cook and Bake

Most of the dishes you’ll create for Passover will not be dishes that can’t be cooked in a single day, therefore plan. Make a full list of everything that you’ll need to prepare and the ideal order in which it should be prepared.

This will help ensure that you won’t run out of time and that everything will be beautifully cooked and ready to serve.

Getting rid of the Chametz

During Passover, there should be no chametz in your possession, but that does not necessarily mean that you should throw everything away.

Since throwing everything away is wasteful most rabbis will collect and sell chametz before the Jewish holidays begin. In this way, non-Jews will be able to benefit from those products you no longer need.

Plan the Seder ahead of time

One of the things that can make your Passover much less enjoyable is not preparing the Seder ahead of time.

There are many decisions involved in the creation of the Seder from where everyone will sit, to the Haggadah you will use, to whether children will be present. Knowing all the answers to these questions ahead of time will help you prepare better.

The Passover Plate preparation

Preparing the seder plate can be time-consuming which is why it is best to prepare it ahead of time. Always remember to include and prepare zeroa, Beitza, karpas, maror, chazeret, and charoset. These six symbolic items should always be on the seder plate.

Prepare your Space

If you are setting up your Passover table, try to set up everything ahead of time. Choosing where everyone will sit, adding Passover dishes and utensils, and including some more festive decorations and tablecloths can all help improve the appearance of your table.

Decide on roles

If you will be celebrating Passover with many people you might want to consider assigning roles ahead of time. This will help you be on top of all of the events of the day.

For example, if children are to attend the Seder will they need to practice certain songs or prepare for certain activities? Deciding this ahead of time can help save you from disappointment and it can help your Passover be even more enjoyable.

Keep your energy high

With so many things to prepare you may feel exhausted by the end of it all. If that is the case you should try resting before arriving at the Seder.

To make the most of this holiday, you will want to keep your energy high and be as involved as possible in the celebrations.

Having a great Passover is all about keeping your energy high and preparing in the best possible way for all of the upcoming celebrations.

By cleaning your home and preparing everything that you will need to cook you will be taking the biggest and most important step towards creating the most memorable celebration for all attendees.

Above all else remember to celebrate this holiday with your spirit.