Top 10 Jewish housewarming gifts

If your Jewish friends have taken the big step and moved into a new home, you may consider what would make appropriate gifts to buy them. Moving can be a big event in someone’s life and as such you will want to commemorate this event with a thoughtful gift that will help them bring positive energy into their new space. To assist you with buying the perfect Jewish housewarming gifts we have curated a list of ten gifts that you should consider buying your friend.

  1. Candles or Candle Holders

Candles can make a great housewarming gift as they can help add a unique scent to a space. It is also a particularly great Jewish gift as candles are an essential part of many celebrations including Hannukah. If you feel like you want something that will stay with your friend in the long run then you could opt for some candle holders. Choosing candle holders with Jewish symbolism on them, like the created by Suri Art can be a great addition to any Jewish home, as they can add elements of the rich Jewish cultural tradition to the setting.

  1. Plants

You can never truly go wrong with gifting your friends’ plants. Adding greenery to your space can be a great way of introducing calmer energy to the overall area and depending on the flowers that you choose you could be in for some great aromatherapy. For example, lavenders are guaranteed to make a space smell heavenly.

  1. Cookbooks

A great way of incorporating Jewish traditions into any household is by having Cookbooks with some of the best Jewish recipes. Food is a way of connecting not just with others but also with one’s cultural roots. While Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem is the most famous Jewish Cookbook it is not the only one. Many traditional cookbooks can help your friends add more Jewish dishes to their repertoire.

  1. Hamsa Wall Decorations

If your friend has moved into a new home then one of the best things that you can buy them is a Hamsa wall decoration. Apart from these items being extremely pretty, they are also acting as protection for the homeowner and their space. Adding these wall decorations to their house is a great way of adding some more cultural elements to any home.

  1. Latke Server

Naturally, as your friend now has their own home they will often want to host and invite others into their space. Latke is a traditional Jewish dish and one that is especially common in periods of celebration and religious holidays. A latke server could prove to be the perfect fit for those friends of yours that do not only love to cook, but also love to host others and invite them into their homes.

  1. Kiddush Cup

When it comes to Judaica, Kiddush cups are one of the most common items found in homes. This is because they are an integral part of so many different celebrations including Shabbat. If you are looking for something Jewish to buy your friends then this could be a great gift and more importantly, it will be a gift that they will get a lot of use out of.

  1. Menorah

The Menorah is an integral part of Hannukah. As one of the biggest Jewish holidays, there are essentially no Jewish houses that do not have a Menorah. And yet, times are changing and new designs of Menorahs are constantly immerging. If you find a menorah that you think would represent your friend the best then you would be losing getting it for them as a gift.

  1. Mugs

A simple gift but one that is always appreciated. Mugs are a great little homely gift that is guaranteed to get a lot of use. If you want to make it a little bit more Jewish you can choose a mug with a phrase from the Jewish bible or you could consider getting a mug that has Jewish symbols on it.

  1. Customized Cutting Board

For those friends of yours that love to cook, a cutting board can be great since they will not want to scratch or damage their brand-new kitchen. Many companies nowadays also offer completely customized cutting boards, this could help you include elements of your friend’s tradition and background as well as some Jewish elements to the board.

  1. Challah Cover

As a Jewish person who has just moved into a new home, your friend will probably not yet have all of the smaller items that they may wish to get. One such example is the Challah Cover. Challah is a traditional bread baked for religious holidays and having the perfect Challah cover can help keep the bread fresh for longer. Especially for those friends who love to bake this could be the perfect gift.

Choosing the perfect housewarming gift will vary based on the person that you are buying the gift for. Above all else always try to consider what it is that they love and try to incorporate that within your gift. This will help make your gift more thoughtful and well appreciated.